TP-Link's Warranty Update

Effective from May 1, 2024, the warranty terms for TP-Link products will be revised.

Starting May 1, 2024, purchased goods from Techstore Ltd will adhere to TP-Link's Manufacture warranty terms, effective from the date of sale to the end-user. Please ensure that returns are accompanied by the sales invoice and fiscal receipt, with the product serial number clearly visible on the document.

For sales made by Techstore Ltd before May 1, 2024, the warranty will remain valid for 24 months from the date of purchase. 

Keeping clean and increasing the standard of hygiene has a huge impact on our health. That is why we focused on easy and contactless operation of the dispenser. No direct contact with a disinfectant dispenser protects you against ubiquitous viruses, germs and dirt! It is enough to place your hands under the nozzles to release the right amount of liquid from the dispenser. The amount of disinfectant administered in one dose can be regulated - there are 2 dosage levels. The AUTO ALCO DISINFECTANT DISPENSER has a 480ml refillable liquid container. The fluid is refilled easily and quickly. The automatic dispenser is powered by 4 AA alkaline batteries. (not included). The non-contact MT5521 dispenser is the perfect equipment for every kitchen and bathroom, shop or office. Do not use liquid soap, shampoo and dishwasher gel and acid!
Manufacturer: Mediatech
SKU: KHL0013
Manufacturer part number: MT5521
Availability: 1 in stock
€6.36 excl tax

Automatic disinfectant dispenser
Perfect for liquids based on alcohol
Touchless infrared sensor
Adjusted amount of released fluid (2 levels)
Tank capacity: 480ml
Power: 4 x alkaline AA batteries (not included)
Low battery indication
Dimensions: 105x145x210mm
Weight: 271g

Mediatech MT5521 Automatic Disinfectant Dispenser

€6.36 excl tax